Il Viaggio della Voce Umana

Il viaggio della voce umana
Il viaggio della voce umana




Spiritual Retreats 

and Meditative Singing

for Male Voices 

in Northern Tuscany 




M.S.inL. (Meditative Singers in Lunigiana) is a male vocal group ‘a cappella’, practicing meditation and meditative singing. The group is still being formed and open to new members, also for retreats of several days, notably for those coming from abroad/other regions and unable to attend regularly.

Meditation, anchored to the breathing cycle, determines a mix of relaxation and concentration that allows to acquire a growing awareness in the use of breath and vocal muscles. Meditative singing is characterized by a slow or moderate tempo and by a sense of intimate recollection, close to the dimension of silence. Special emphasis is given to the energetic process of the sound and to the transformative potential of the singing mind. 

Once rid of expectations attached to a performance and lowered into the meditation practice, meditative singing reveals its nature as an inner journey, between spirituality and physicality of the human voice.


Our retreats are open to international guests and to both beginners and experts of this form of meditation. 

They are held in English, French and Italian.There is no need to have experience playing an instrument nor to be able to read music.They take place all year round in the natural setting of the Lunigiana mountains, 25 km from the Mediterranean Sea.This area offers trails of considerable interest for nature lovers.


Note for those who live in the provinces of Massa and La Spezia (regular attendance): the age of majority is required, together with a sufficient autonomy and ease of movement out of your town or province. The meetings usually take place on week-ends, on a bi-monthly schedule, and during bridge holidays. The headquarters of the M.S.inL. can be reached by car in about one hour and half for those departing from La Spezia and Massa-Carrara.




For further information please write to:  


You can recognize the presence of meditative singing in the repertoire of various male vocal groups. Here are some examples on YouTube: 


- Basiani Georgian Men's Chorus  in Chicago


- If I Had A Heart (Vikings theme)    Olga Vocal Ensemble


- AURORA - Olga Vocal Ensemble


-A Filetta: Live in Cittadella: A Paghjella di l’impiccati


- L’ alba “sta mane”






(Head of the project) 


"I lead group meditation and meditative singing sessions in Lunigiana - Northern Tuscany, Italy. Over the years, I came into contact with various European and extra-European cultures. In particular, I approached the avant-garde theater that established itself as an international movement from the 60s onwards in the east of the continent. That gave me the opportunity to work intensively on my voice. I also practiced meditation for several years, according to the traditions of various Asian countries, often attending retreats in monastic communities which base their existence on those ancient traditions and schools of thought.

My musical education began very early with the studying of piano and classical composers. Later I studied singing and sang in various vocal ensembles. In recent years I embarked on a path of research, with aspects concerning spirituality and the meaning  that the human voice can have in it. In particular, I explored the relationship between meditation and singing. The path offered to M.S.inL. puts itself out of any affiliation with a religious entity and only derives from my research and my experience with meditation and vocal training".


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